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ronald c. flubacker a.i.a. 

architecture and construction management

418 Valencia Ave., Barrington, Il 60010   Office: (847) 381-0400  Fax: (847) 381-3109



Thank you for visiting my site and your interest in my firm.

My practice is strictly custom projects, and is usually an equal mixture of residential and commercial / industrial work. I opened my doors in 1979 and have continuously practiced architecture ever since, now having completed over 1300 projects. In the early 1980's I branched out into physical construction of selected projects to build which my firm had designed. I continue that currently, taking on 2 or 3 buildings locally in any given year

Prior to entering the field of architecture, I began in the construction field right out of the military in the late 1960's. I worked for a builder in the Elgin, Illinois area as an apprentice carpenter initially, and then as a field superintendent. While I was with that firm, we built and finished some 30 plus custom homes. After marrying in 1970, I decided that Architecture was more than just a passing interest, and I went to the University of Illinois in Chicago to recieve my professional degree. Along the way, I worked for a civil engineering / site planning firm and an architectural rendering company. While attending school, I continuously worked part-time in architectural firms downtown Chicago. I graduated in 1976 and was licensed to practice that summer. I then began to work for a Palatine, Illinois firm, prior to starting my own business. Also in the mid 1980's I taught for 5 years at the University of Illinois as an assistant adjunct professor.

I have some theories about what's important to my clients. In the 30 plus years that I have practiced, I have always dealt directly with owners, directly with the people who use and reside in these buildings, spaces, or additions that we do together. They're often business people with real world budgets and functional needs, that if not met, can really have a negative impact. I listen to them. You have to if you expect to be successful. The same holds true for residential work, where a family lives every day in what we accomplish together.

Each project is always different, hence the term "custom work." Every project is the result of diagnosing and studying a client's requirements at many different levels. We often learn from each other during this process as we work closely together.

Every client expects me to be technically proficient, and understand completely everything to do with the building sciences and related technologies. That's a given, and I do. My firm is responsible for everything from site design, all the way through heating systems, plumbing, and electrical, as well as energy conservation. I am responsible for the resolution of zoning issues, fully understanding building codes, and that a project fully complies with all these aspects. But there is a tremendous amount more to it than just that.

Every single building we drive by we all evaluate. We say to ourselves, something like "Wow, I like that" or maybe "Ugh"? Have we not all seen some addition to an existing building that just looks like it doesn't quite belong, or that has "misfired" in some small way. Architects have a responsibility for much of the built environment. Architecture is an art form. And in addition to this and we have to worry about your budget too? Yes, we do. In fact an architectural project is almost always an interesting blend of technology, affordability, and art. Each project is always remarkably different, because the requirements are always so variable.

My job is to do the right thing for you, so that you get what you not only want, but quite possibly what you didn't even know you needed, and that when all the dust has settled and you're using the project, you're thrilled with the result.

You've stopped at my website for a reason. You're thinking about engaging an architect, and it's making you nervous. You've never dealt with an architect before, or maybe never had a hand in the building process? You don't understand anything about zoning, setbacks, codes, contractors. You understand none of it. I can and will lead you through all of that, educate you in the entire process, and make you comfortable with what has to happen.

If you're interested in talking, call, and I'd be more than willing to meet with you at your pleasure to discuss any project you have been considering. We can discuss all of this without committments, what's involved in your proposed project, as well you can determine if I'm someone you feel you can work with. I do not charge for an initial meeting.

You'd be surprised what 30 plus years in business can mean in terms of experience. 

Thank you for your interest ...

Ronald C. Flubacker A.I.A.



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